My Actifit Report Card: February 23 2024

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A good start of the day.

In the afternoon, i went out to do my remaining clothes shopping. On my way back I picked up savouries and biscuits.

In the evening, i went out for a long walk towards chowpatty. (Sea side beach in mumbai). But before going inside and feeling the sand, I first went to marine lines (start of queens necklace) closer to chowpatty where coastal underpass is getting built.
Hopefully, it will up and running in few months.

I did go to the beach (chowpatty) to feel the sand on my feet. There was low tide so the sea was bit away.

Coastal Underpass construction.

After spending some time I walked back home.

Completing 15000+ steps for the day.
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Beautiful beach photographs. It's good to see that you got a chance to go to close to the sea. Are you visiting Mumbai? I think you live in the UK!



It's interesting how you have a nearby beach to walk to in the afternoon. The beach is always a welcome sight. That coastal underpass looks fascinating. Hopefully you can share photos again when it's up and running. Enjoy your weekend!

Made in Canva


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