My Actifit Report Card: June 10 2024 : I Am Alive Challenge

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Hi hi Amigos 😁

I humbly welcome you to my Actifit report for Monday, 10th June 2024.

Is the start of the week, people, which I am happy and glad to be alive.

The day started with a little rain as usual that didn't last long, though.

I prepared and went out to achieve the day's activities.

I planned to get my medical fitness certificate on this day

So, I gently walked to the school medical centre to get it.

I called the person in charge, who came and attended to me.

I waited for some minutes before he gave me the certificate, and I went to make inquiries for a friend concerning something else.

I went to the place and they referred me back to the previous place I left.

I wasn't happy about this, but I don't have any option than to walk back there.

I went to the place and they directed me to the man in charge.

Who was not on sit.

I was asked to check back tomorrow.....I didn't plan that.......coming here tomorrow, uuuuh

Well, I have to.
So, I will be done with this.

Came back and stopped by the box repairer shop. He disappointed me by telling me he wasn't done with the bag.

Tomorrow, too......though I told him I was going to check on him in the evening.

Which I didn't, I wanted him to hasten up.

Did aliveandthriving curation before calling it a day😊

Thank you very much for stopping by my blog 😘 💕

Wishing you a blessed day.

All photos are mine

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Tomorrow is not too far dear 😁

That's true.

Already preparing to go there.

Thank you very much ma'am for stopping by 😊

You are welcome

Alright ma'am