My Actifit Report Card: February 10 2024

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Yesterday was a family day. My parents were here and we decided to go for a hike in our area before lunch. We grab some water and apples and got out of the house

The weather was so warm and sunny that my parents took off their clothes one by one. We went to a foresty part that my mom and dad didn't see before and it was interesting for them

Milo and Smarty were having the best time! They're very social and they love my parents. It was so pleasant seeing them running around freely

After some hiking we found a good spot and sat down. We ate some apples and dogs were around us. It was a pretty nice atmosphere

My dad was in the mood for taking pictures . It makes me very happy to see him enjoying himself

After a while we headed back home to prepare lunch. We all were so energized by the nature and our gathering

We got home and ate a delicious meal together . I will always remember this lovely day

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Wow this was such a good day. It brought me lots of smiles. Thank you for sharing your family day with us. I'm sure it's remarkably memorable. I love the photos with the dogs around. Awwww. Happy new work week ahead!

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