“Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine!” 😎 My Actifit Report Card: July 9 2024

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“Summer breeze makes me feel fine!“ 😎
“ Liz, I think our neighbors have been out in the Sun mowing way to long today Lol! “ 😳
94 degrees Fahrenheit in the “Cool” Pacific Northwest!🥵
The water cannons on the farmers fields in the valley, are running wide open!😅
During the winter the farmers use these water guns to spray liquid manure!😮
Yep….. it’s just as nasty as it sounds!
Years ago, when Silvertop and Liz first moved here, I was driving my pickup truck on a two lane highway going to town…………..
I was traveling at 55 MPH with the traffic, and as I glanced to the field to the left I noticed green water was shooting out of one of these water cannons!
I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t detour, and as my truck passed this water cannon the entire left side of my truck, was dripping with this very fragrant liquid!😳
“ Thank goodness we had the windows rolled up! “😇
Most of the corn fields don’t get watered, but somehow the corn doesn’t seem to mind……. It just keeps growing!
I figured it was the perfect weather conditions to put an unused window Air conditioner out at the driveway with a free sign on it!
This 10,200 BTU unit hasn’t been used since I installed our mini split heat pump, that cools the entire house nicely!🥶
Liz was at a Ladies Bible study this morning and texted…………….
“Silvertop, one of the Ladies said she will take the A/C unit, can you put it in your truck and bring it to town now? “ 🥰
We were both hoping someone would take this unit !👍
I had to DM our @actifit team, today was our moderator chat on Discord……..
“ Guys, I will need to miss today’s call. I found a “home” for our extra A/C unit, and I need to deliver it! “ 😇
Liz and Silvertop have been Beta testing 3 Speak video integration with @actifit posts on IOS, and it is working very well!🤗
A nice option for your daily post!👍
“ Honey today looks like a good day to escape to the forest or the Ocean! “
“ Not today Silvertop, my garden is wilting in the heat! “ 🥵
“ I am as well Liz, how about two ice cold mocha Frappuccinos, and then we join Cot INSIDE in the air conditioning! “ 😻
Stay cool everyone, till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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"Blowin' through the jasmine in my mi-i-ind."

Ahhh……. I was wondering if anyone would pick up on this!😇
Great album by Seals & Crofts, I guess I am dating myself Lol!😇😊

Sounds like a water day for sure. Just stay out of the manure water, good thing those windows were up back in winter! The AC is a must this time of year, that's for sure...

You got in some great miles yesterday!

Hopefully, it’s not too hot down and sunny California for you!😎
16° cooler today for us up here 78°

82 here today, not too bad at all!

That’s nice, I can handle that!👍😎

It's nice to look at photos of the water! COOL WATERS!

So much cooler today @silversaver888, but still too hot for me!🥵
I hope you are enjoying your air-conditioning!😇😊