Some gardening with mum

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All photos by @stewie.wieno

My Daily Diary

I wanted to rest but instead I spent almost the whole day gardening with mom. The medlar produced some fruit and so armed with scale and a lot of patience I started to reap the fruits. Not the best harvest ever had, but still enough for a couple of weeks.

Obviously, since I was there, my mother asked me for a hand to pot a couple of plants, so we did that too. My mom has a passion for saving plants. When he sees a bad or suffering mass, he takes her home and takes care of her... and then keeps her with her.

In short, a beautiful day gardening.

Another good day to be Alive and Thriving

This experience with the Nespolo made me think a little about how much we can save if you have plants that produce fruit and vegetables for us.

Maybe not so much, but still better than nothing. The medlars I brought home I think a 10-15€ of savings bring it home to me.

This was Awesome!

I spent some time with my mom. To work, let's be clear, but I was still pleased.

Who is stewie.wieno?

Hi, i'm stewie and since I had back problems I realized that I had to take better care of myself. I am very lazy, but following my doctor's advice, I try to focus on getting some activity every day. "Better a little but constant, than a lot once in a while!"

I work in the office, I love travelling, doing improv theater and spending time with my girlfriend. My favorite animal is the giraffe (but I also love dogs) and I'm passionate about home economics and saving.

I discovered Hive in July 2021.

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Sounds like a wonderful way to spend your day gardening with your mom!😄
I can't think of a nicer way to get your healthy @actifit steps as well!
Enjoy the day my friend!😄

It was, but most of all, mum was happy.

We have to take care of the happiness of who we love!

Thanks for your words and always support me!

That’s awesome my friend, family is so important!😊

Sounds like a great day and you got to achieve a lot by gardening with your mom.
This reminds me of when i was little, i had the opportunity to work in the garden with my mom.

It was an awesome period that is still fresh in my memory.

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Time with our parents are precious time, whatever we are doing.

Thanks for stop here and support me!