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Today, many Americans are gathering with family, having dinner, and sharing some of the things we're thankful for.

This acts as a reminder for us to take time to appreciate our experiences and hopefully helps kick start a regular practice of gratitude.

And while I can't share a meal with you all, I do consider the people here in the Hive community special to my life, and I love to share a piece of this celebration with you all.

5 Aspects of Hive That I'm Grateful for!



1) Our Hive Community Events!

  • Hive Chat (Twitter)
  • Hive Power Up Day (Hive)

We have some pretty cool community events that gets people from all over the world involved. Events like Hive Chat which happens weekly on Twitter and Hive Power Up Day which happens monthly here on the Hive platform helps us all come together around a particular topic.

I'm grateful that we have things like these to remind us that we can have things in common and share in celebration with people from all over the world who live completely different lives.

2) Our Hive Tribes

We have some parts of our community we gravitate to a little more and we feel like understand us and our experiences on a deeper level than others. I'm thankful that we have tribes here to help facilitate those different connections and allow me to find things that I have in common with people from all over the planet.

Tribes like #CTP, #Hustler, #Alive, Leofinance, #Archon, and Pizza have played a big part of in my experience here on Hive and I'm grateful for the interactions that I've had with people within these tribes and others.

3) Our Governance On Hive!

I just love how things on here are handled by ownership stake and voting. From the voting for the witnesses, to the voting on proposals, to the voting on posts, every account on Hive can use the power of its stake to vote in whatever way they see fit.

It works beautifully and I'm grateful that we have something like this in place here!

4) Our Tech is Out of This World Cool!

PeakD and Ecency are 2 of the best websites ever. I used to be a big Tumblr fan and these sites are like Tumblr on steroids 10x!

It's just a lot of fun having all of these amazing tools on hand for us, along with the possibilities that the Hive Engine and DLux bring along. I'm grateful for all of the amazing tools and apps folks have built here on Hive.

5) Hive Shows are on the Comeup!

A lot can be done with the 2 man talk show format. A lot of shows on ESPN use this very format to pump out shows that are extremely popular here in the states.

It's really cool to see this format taking off here on Hive with shows like:

1593441076492255232?s=20&t=0yBFT7TZKsypnDVRW7f1pg twitter metadata:Q29pblJ1bm5lcjd8fGh0dHBzOi8vdHdpdHRlci5jb20vQ29pblJ1bm5lcjcvc3RhdHVzLzE1OTM0NDEwNzY0OTIyNTUyMzI/cz0yMCZ0PTB5QkZUN1RaS3N5cG5EVlJXN2YxcGd8 ~~~

It's making for a lot of really good content that I really enjoy built around topics that are already super interesting in tech, crypto, and gaming. I think having a hub for web 3 content like this could be pretty powerful for getting the word out about Hive.

but overall, I'm just glad that I get to enjoy these shows and see how this will all play out.

Overall there is a ton more to be thankful for on this platform and beyond. I'm just grateful that I have tools like this to be able to share a piece of my gratitude with you all!





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