Help me create some unique music for Hive Fest!

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I don't know about you but I'm pretty excited about the upcoming #HiveFest!

I will be bringing my modular synth and performing a set and I would like to invite everyone attending to make a small contribution to a musical project in connection with Hive Fest.

What I need

  • a short audio recording of you (or someone) speaking something that relates to you or your Hive based project.
  • Send to or reach out to me in the comments to this post or on Discord (the @risingstargame Discord works).
  • wav files or mp3 files are fine. An audio memo recorded on a phone is also completely fine. Try to avoid too much background noise but otherwise you can't go too far wrong.
  • Anything from one single word (e.g. your name or the name of your project) right up to an entire sentence e.g. "TDC Tunes is at Hive Fest" is good. Feel free to get creative and humorous too (As long as it's clean!)
  • Deadline: ASAP would be good so I can see if I have enough material, but let's set an absolute cut off date of the 12th September, 3 days before Hive Fest starts.


  • You must be coming to Hive Fest (or your project must be represented at Hive Fest)

What I will do

  • I will attempt to work the audio into some of my electronic music - the goal being to create something completely unique that is specific to Hive Fest!

NB: If you haven't heard my music, it is on the experimental side - so expect the speech to get re-pitched, chopped up and have loads of effects added.

Note also that I may publish any created music elsewhere including but not limited to as part of my sets on Brixton Radio/Twitch.

Just want to say a huge thanks to @roelandp for opportunity to perform at Hive Fest and indeed for all the huge amount of work obviously being put into it!

And if you haven't got your tickets yet - what are you waiting for?

See you at Hive Fest everyone - let's create something totally unique!


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Sounds interesting. I'll get something to you soon.

Great! Thanks Steve!

This is such a cool idea! I'm happy for you that you will be performing on Hive Fest, I bet you will meet plenty new people and connect with those you never met so far. I can't go myself but that doesn't mean I can't support such a cool initiative, gonna share it around for you!

Good luck, can't wait to hear the end result!


Thanks so much! Yeah I'm really looking forward to meeting people and the connections... I will report back I'm sure!

Thanks also for sharing - super appreciated!


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Awesomeeee!!! I will do that!

Oh great! Are you coming to Hive Fest??

Unfortunately not. Can´t afford it this year. I wanted to also have a speaking slot, which they gave me but turned out I wasn´t able to afford it. Maybe next time =)

Ah no sorry to hear that - hope to see you at the next one!

This is great, hive is full of talented people and I believe it will not take longer to find the perfect one!!!

Wish everyone luck on this. Looking forward to see power show on hive fest!

Awesome - I can't wait to hear what people send me - and see what I can create with it!

Great idea but sadly not going to Hive Fest because I’ll be in Prague for another Tech festival and work. Maybe next year or whenever it’s next in Europe. Have fun. Music project sounds really cool.

Ah no probs - hope to meet you in person another time!



This is fun!! I'm in!!!

Fantastic! Let's go!

Great idea - I have sent you an email and can't wait to listen to the results in Amsterdam! See you

Awesome - thanks so much for the contribution!

Ok got my two soundbites ready but what is your discord name ?

I'm tdctunes#7509 but I you found me already :)

Hahahah yes i did , and just wondering should we also give dutch music ? Hahahahah

Anything goes! How would you describe dutch music??

I would say DD ~ Dutch Diverse
We have so many great performers that could be happy intermezzos in times where music is wanted. Than again I never been to HF live so what do I know 😉


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Alright. :)
See you soon.

Oh will you be at Hive Fest?

Yes..It is all happening walking distance from my home. :)
Tomorrow back from vacation and will buy ticket too.

Ah very nice - see you in Amsterdam!

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Thanks so much @ecency!

buena idea!


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I still have to record it !