Power Up Day and feeling a bit rebellious!

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For last months update on my Hive and Hive finances and progress check out: https://peakd.com/hivepud/@tdctunes/september-hive-pud-and-progress-on-my-2022-hive-goals

Hive Power Up Day (#HivePUD) is here and once again, being over 8,000 HP means I'm no longer eligible for the main prizes. I'm still taking part by powering up 10 Hive though. It's a small power up this time - but I still wanted to be part of the club (and get a badge of course!)

More about HiveBuzz badges, Hive Power Up Day and Hive Power Up Month here:

And if you want to take part in Hive Power Up Day there are some nice prizes up for grabs - check out the detail courtesy of the awesome @traciyork - https://peakd.com/@traciyork/hive-power-up-day-for-january-1st-2021

About the photo this month

I'm feeling a bit rebellious this morning and because of that you get upside down me!

Photo by me - edited to add background and title in iOS App Photo Leap

Ok now you've powered up here's another update on my finances and Hive goals...

My Hive Activities

The biggest thing that happened in the last month is of course #HiveFest! Apart from being an amazing learning journey, meeting lots of new awesome people and a lot of fun it also provided some great opportunities for some posts - and I definitely got a boost in my earnings from posts around it. A nice bonus...

Otherwise I've been pretty much been doing my usual thing, posting on average twice a week, and holding the tokens that earn me passive Hive. Let's see what that all translates to...

Hive Holdings

Ok here's where I'm at compared to my most recent updates in the last few months:

9 Dec 218 Feb 2201 Jul 2201 Aug 2201 Sep 2201 Oct 22
Hive Power561965568641935396439899
BRO<500<5001402 ($3579)11427 ($6060)1453 ($4716)1394 ($5898)
DEFI00~500~50019788 ($1066)20023 ($965.19)
SIM??900k ($183)930k ($308)1 mil ($204)1 mil ($187)
BXT??90 ($159)96 ($263)130 ($143)130 ($150)
Utopis???413 ($96)445 ($107)424 ($34)3
Starbits1 mil1 mil1mil ($92)1mil ($60)1.37 mil ($52)1.5 mil ($58)
Workerbee??50 ($66)50 ($72)50 ($30)50 ($58)
Earnings (p/w)2???18.4310.4614.85


  1. The numbers in brackets are the dollar equivalent according to LeoDex at the time I recorded that figure. This could make some interesting future comparisons of the FIAT value of my holdings in those tokens.

  2. An estimate of weekly earnings that make me liquid Hive (i.e. payouts from BRO, INCOME, BXT, UTOPIS and SIM)

  3. I'm not really sure what's going on with @utopis - the project owner @chronocrypto has said he plans to ultimately close the project - though it's still paying out dividends perfectly fine. I would wish that it would continue indefinitely because it's a nice dividend.

Progress against goals for 2022

  • Increase my Hive Power to 10,000HP

Almost there at 9,899 (up from 9,643 last month). The increase is from my 10HP power up today and the rest (246HP) is from post and curation rewards - boosted a lot by HiveFest related posts and engagement.

  • Increase my followers to 250

I passed this last month and am now on 301 - let's see if I can make it to 350 by the end of the year!

  • Weekly earnings of 100 Hive

I've stopped trying to track all the various ways I'm earning on Hive. and in particular I'm not trying to track income in 2nd layer tokens. However, if I just look at the easy(er) to track things here are some estimates at weekly earnings from the last month:

  • liquid Hive from dividends: 14.85 p/w
  • HP growth p/w (excluding my HIVE PUD power up): 57
  • HBD growth p/w: 15 (currently worth approx 30 Hive)

We can see that my 'Hive Income' was around 101 Hive per week (up from 65 per week last month). This has been a bit of an unusual month though due to increased rewards from HiveFest posts and also Hive has dropped again in value so the HBD reward is worth more. I'll keep looking at this one and see how things go in last few months of the year.

Summary and Thanks

Thanks for reading, Happy Hive Power Up Day - and have a wonderful day Hive!

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High quality content! Nice to see your grow and motivated me! Thanks!

Btw, I’m creating a new podcast and I would love to use one of your song and give you the credits of course. It that ok for you?

Yes sure - which song did you have in mind?

I don’t yet, which one do you recommend podcast intro? I’m looking to share the hive vibes

Tough one - if it's just for an intro it's just a short section you would use right? For background music I know other people have used my lofi/chill tracks: Impression, The Dreamer and the new ones Time and Space. A section of those might work.

Hi @tdctunes,
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Happy HPUD - and fair play on your progress, thats quite an impressive increase in HP over the year, plus very close to the 10K mark now - well done.
Keep on stacking !

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Cheers - we all just gotta keep on plugging away!

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haha nice and rebelious!!

I feel like I could get even more rebelious!

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