A Bug in the Matrix: A Sub Shop with No Turkey

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Supply Chain Disruptions

We hear reports of food shortages, with all sorts of excuses. Bird flu, supply chain disruptions, etc. There's a war going on against supplying meat to the masses. There's a war going on against the people of the entire world and the enemy's weapon of choice is food.

While the propaganda is promoting the idea that eating bugs is normal and safe and healthy, access to fresh chicken, beef and turkey are being disrupted. All while natural, sustainable superfood "protein" facilities are being built to keep us healthy.



Eat zee bugs, it's good for you, slave!

No Turkey

We visited the website of "Jimmy Johns", a local sub shop that is known for their french style bread and heavily loaded meats on their sub sandwiches.

We normally order a beef/turkey combo sandwich, but we noticed something funny.

No turkey.


All the subs that have turkey, has replaced it with ham. And the famous "Turkey Tom" sandwich is missing.



I know it's just a sandwich, these odd things happen sometimes. I just have to wonder, is the a hint of things to come in the next few years?

What is the Future Going to Look Like?

It seems as if the dystopian future, where "you will own nothing and be happy" and "eat zee bugs" is fast approaching. Is it real? Is it just fantasy? No escape from reality.


It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

Normalcy has a fighting chance, at least for a while.

The free market has so many redundencies and competitors that as long as people are working and innovating, the gaps will be filled. But there are some challenges up ahead, especially concerning currency and transportation.

Fertilizer shortage? Farmers are smart, they will find work-arounds. Diesel costs rising? Remember biofuel? Urea shortage, they'll pee in the gas tank if they have to. Wheat shortages? Small backyard farms. Will it be rough? you bet. Will it be rag-tag. Yup. Will it keep people fed, yes it will.

Everyone else can eeet zeee bugs and earn extra credits in the metaverse.


The Power of Individals Working Together

It's not that I trust the system, it's that I trust the innovation and ingenuity of individuals, despite of the system. This system has and is betraying us and will betray us again and again. People will continue to put up with the abuse, until they finally realize they have to get out and go underground.

People are smart. I know it doesn't seem that way, we like to think everyone is dumber that we are, that we're the smartest people in every room. Makes us feel good to call everyone dumb and sheep. But people are smart, if they would snap out of the daze and use their God-given ability to innovate and they are motivated by the circumstances they find themselves in.

If Meat Become Unavailable, Would You Eat Bugs for Your Nutrition?


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Bless the Most High!


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There is nothing worse than the thought of eating insects! I cannot imagine that they would let the supply chain completely collapse as then people would be forced to look for alternatives instead of being reliant on the system for their basic necessities.

Good luck with your search of Turkey.

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