Rewards For November Have Been Sent Out

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The price of HIVE in November dropped by about 30%, which certainly impacted curation (and the author's) rewards because of the reduced value of upvotes that are calculated by more or less stable HBD (always worth around $1 US).

Despite that, with our added investments combined with funds gathered from token sales in the first three weeks of November, by all of which we increased our curation power (HP), we managed to compensate for the loss of the HIVE price drop.

Vocup 4th Rewards

Still, the total amount of accumulated rewards in November turned out to be a bit smaller than in October. We were pretty surprised, although we know that inevitable slippage may always occur in both directions, even when the staked power would remain the same. (I.e., when the article upvoted by us afterward gains a more significant, smaller, or any amount of upvotes by other Hive members. Something we certainly can't impact and have no control over.)

However, we spent the last couple of hours investigating how this unwanted slippage occurred and found the cause.

The thing is that although the project was created to share with our token holders, curation rewards only, we were actually sharing, all the way through, our author's rewards too.

Unfortunately, our two posts published in November (Rewards For October Have Been Sent Out and Curation Power Doubled in Less Than Four Months) didn't gain combined that much author's rewards as our only post published in October (Rewards For September Have Been Sent Out). And that's where and how the difference occurs.

Although it's a regular occurrence in the life of the Hive blockchain and certainly not our fault, we decided to compensate you for this slippage by adding a bonus to our Reward Pool for November of 100 POB tokens (currently worth more than the slippage difference) which were distributed according to the percentage of your VOCUP token holding, and which have been already sent to your accounts.
(Take a look at your, Hive-Engine or Tribaldex wallets.)

To cut to the chase, the snapshot was taken on November 30th, 2022, at midnight (UTC).
As shown in the tables below, rewards were sent out earlier today, December 1st, 2022.

Table of Vocup 4th Rewards Sent Out

Table of Vocup 1st BONUS Rewards Sent Out in POB

In November, our small family of token holders grew by another four new members! 😃
Therefore, we want to give special thanks to @siddhartaz, @karla129, @jfuji, and @slothlydoesit, our new November arrivals who gave us their trust.

VOCUP token new edition issuance

In the last four days of November remaining quantity of the first edition of VOCUP tokens has been, quite unexpectedly, completely sold out.

The size of 1st edition was 200 tokens, and the token price was $5 Hive.

As described in our first Announcement post, the price of the 2nd edition of VOCUP tokens will be $10 Hive/(Swap.Hive) per token.

The 2nd edition will be released later today after publishing this post!
More details about it we will publish in our following post.
Stay tuned!

Powering Up

During November, we continued our practice from previous months. We were powering up our account in the amount and according to the dynamics by which the VOCUP token was purchased.

Curation & Tipping

In November (2022), we enlarged our list of tipping tokens (ALIVE, BBH, PGM, LOLZ, PIZZA, and PGM) by another nice token - LOH, a token created for the ladies of Hive.

Therefore, besides our upvote, we will be able to reward authors of the curated articles with three tips in the combination of ALIVE+BBH+LOLZ, ALIVE+BBH+PIZZA, ALIVE+BBH+PGM, or ALIVE+BBH+LADY.

(More about LOH (Ladies of Hive) token you can find here.

Vocup Divider1b

To buy a VOCUP token, visit Hive-Engine or Tribaldex exchange.

Please look at our Announcement post to find out more about our project.

Vocup Divider1a

Images Sources:
1st image (Thumbnail): Our own derivative work with image by Image by Kirill from Pixabay
2nd image (Table 1): Own work.
3rd image (Table 2): Own work.
Dividers: Our own derivative work with image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay


I love reading your new updates, and I am also looking forward to the second edition. I can't believe the first one is already gone... I thought it was a new project, and not a lot of people know about it, and I will have a chance to be one of the early birds. I wanted to grab a bit more of the first edition, but I will have to pay a bit more for the second one.

I love it regardless, this token is definitely a good long-term investment, I did a bit of math and it definitely pays out to diamond hand this one. 💠 It's like a dividend stock that pays every month. 😀

I like the plan, keep up the excellent work Vocup team! 😍🙌

Thank you so very much for such a nice comment and feedback! 😃
Yeah, you are right; it's still quite a new project. According to the sales dynamics in the first couple of months, we didn't expect either that over half of the 1st edition would be sold out just in the last four days of last month.

Nevertheless, the first series (there would be four of them) of the second VOCUP token edition is already out. We hope you'll manage to grab this one on time! 😊

And last but not least, thank you very much for your support! 😍🙏

I will definitely buy some more to increase my holdings. 😊

Nice payout! I can see my 0.3 HIVE on my account, thanks!
i'm not an expert, but i think the lower payout is due to big last buy of VOCUP tokens a few days before the snapshot.
All that HIVE didn't produce much, as it was only a few days staked, but the reward was split evenly.
Next payout will be much more ^^


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Thank you for your support @vocup, really appreciate it! 👍
Without imposing and as we are in a renewal period for proposals, if you could take a look at the HiveBuzz Proposal Renewal - #248 as well 😁

Dear Mr. @arcange, you are quite charming when you are asking for something! 😄
So, proposal #248 - done! And not only that! Although shortly expiring, the same (previous one), proposal #199 - done too! (Just in case!) 😉
Still, feel free to stop by again! 😁

Thank you for your double support @vocup 🤗

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Might get a few of these as it seems like a nice little project to be in :)


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