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Whenever I play Splinterlands, I struggle to find my cards within the time frame that the game provides. Maybe I'm rather slow or maybe I simply have too many cards...

I tend to let a bot play with my deck most of the time. Some days however, I like to play some manual games and I also do brawls on a regular basis. But each time, it's the same problem. Too many cards or not enough time to come up with my line up. So I decided to clean up my deck. The idea is to reduce the number of my cards.

Soulbound Reward Cards

When I look at the Splintercards tool that shows me the level of my reward cards, I see that most of my reward cards are maxed out. However, I have many cards developed as regular and gold foil cards. My first step to clean our these reward cards is to burn either the gold or the regular foil of each card for glint.

This is nice but this won't really reduce the cards to chose from when I start a game.

I will do the same exercise for my Gladius cards.

Which cards do I really need?

When I select all my cards in Peakmonsters, I get a total of 2056 cards! Let me assure you that we definitely don't need that many cards to play the game successfully. I want to reduce this number of cards and to do so, I will need to do more than some cosmetics. I really want to change things.

Splinter by Splinter

To get started I go to Splinterlands and I select all cards of one single splinter. Let's start with red.

I have a total of 71 different cards in red. Again that's by far too many.

When I click on each of these cards, I can see when was the last time that I played the card.

Checking this for each card takes some time but it's the only way to really go forward.

There would be another solution to save a lot of time with peakmonsters prime function that allows to do that in a much more efficient manner

Now, taking into account that my bot probably plays around 20 games per day and that in addition to that, I play manual games and brawls. There are probably around 600 games played per month. If a card hasn't been played during the last 30 days, I would say that I don't need this card. That is how I define which cards are needed and which ones are not.

I've decided to put all cards that I haven't played in the last 30 days for sale. Not only will it allow me to reduce the number of cards to chose from for the game line up, it will provide some funds to purchase new cards or develop existing ones.

Once, I'm done for the normal cards, I will do the same for reward and gladius cards. I mean what's the purpose on fully developed card that I don't need? With the glints and merits that I receive from burning these cards, I can purchase new cards that I need more.

This whole process takes quite a lot of time and I'm in the middle of it. I try to do around 1 splinter every day. It's manual and boring work but I believe that it's necessary to optimise my deck from a game play and also from a financial perspective.

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I am just happy or perhaps lazy to keep things status quo for the cards. Anyway, I think the prices aren't that attractive to sell as well.

Well from experience the prices have evolved only in one direction... towards nothing and I prefer to sell while I still get something for them :-)

In the current market valuation for SPL cards, I just can't be bothered to spend too much time optimizing my deck. I'll just keep and hodl and play casually.

I've just too many cards and I have the feeling that their value isn't going where I want lol

It's interesting. I don't have enough cards (almost 3k of them myself) and you are selling them. Not buying any new cards yet, just thinking out loud about the difference a decent but not exaggerated amount of land can make (and it isn't necessarily in a good way unless time will prove rewards are worth it).

I'm happy I don't have that many plots. With my 4 plots I have well enough cards :-)

You certainly have. I have enough too, but not if I want to optimize my production for lower-end plots.

Good luck optimising your deck. I do like doing the deck clean up, merging cards thing. It is quite theraputic for me now! LOL 😀

It's the same for me but it takes a lot of time lol

Good luck optimizing. I haven't bothered but I do think that it could be a good idea for me as well. Maybe when I get more time, I'll clean it up and spend the cash to upgrade other cards.

I've postponed it for a lot time and finally got to it :-)

Hello @achim03 how are you? great, you managed to max out all the reward cards, I was quite far away, for a moment I thought I could complete them with the chests that lasted less than 24 hours hehehe, so I will only continue collecting Glint to buy a title, what you mention in the post it's true I have many cards that I hardly use, I have to get rid of them.


I got rid of about 100 cards already and it still doesn't make a big change in my lineup lol. Going for a title is a good idea. I might do that as well :-)

The game has become so complicated that you almost have to make a race to be able to play efficiently. 😂😂

I totally agree lol

@tipu curate

Thanks for the curation!

It actually looks like the game has actually grow more complicated than before

That's not totally wrong :-)

Are bots allowed on Splinterlands?

Yes they are in certain leagues.

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Thanks for the curation