What’s the best way to earn lots of Zing on HoloZing.com ?

in #zing4 months ago (edited)

The Art looks incredible.




Ye, LP is tricky! It depends on the coin right?
I have been in a few of them and I don't know if I made or lost money xD

But I also don't really understand Impermanent Losses x)

I am in a bit in the LP, but not much. Otherwise, I just delegate 5k hp

Yeah .... I should have delegated a lot more Hive Power. Like 500,000 HP or something like that.

You gotta do what you can though :D
You can also delegate to Poshtoken and just hodl those.

I've been trying to decide the best way to jump in on this one. Maybe just holding POSH is the way to go.



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