Heartbeat On Hive

Reward account created to support the We Are Alive Tribe as well as to onboard people to Hive with a token starter pack.

Northampton UK Joined January 2022


Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Alive can be converted to ALIVE POWER in a process called staking.
164.6388 ALIVE
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
11 721.8571 ALIVE
(+30 053.4608 ALIVE)

Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Hive can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
52.965 HIVE
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
Part of heartbeatonhive's HIVE POWER is currently delegated. Delegation is donated for influence or to help new users perform actions on Hive. Your delegation amount can fluctuate.
1 249.213 HIVE
(+952.458 HIVE)
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.

Hive Engine Tokens
1,596.480 AFIT0.435 AIRHAWK0.329(7.404) ALIVEM108.954 APE0.011(60.117) ARCHON0.001 ARCHONM0.248 AWESOME50,499.62 BBH0(2) BBHM268.276(118.365) BEATCZ37.276(355.772) BEE0(68.318) BEER0.028(24.632) BHT5,733,852.223 BIT3 BLAQ1 BLAQEMRLD6.073 BLURT0.545 BOCRYPTO0(57.411) BPC9.869(62.165) BRK1.765 BRO854.893 BUDS0 BUDSX0(47.437) BUIDL7.248(11.964) CCC0 CCD186.101(181.834) CENT17.035(2.071) CINE1.10 COFFEE3.028 COLONY0.408 COM1,115.182(1,550.209) CTP0.87(15) CTPM1 CTPSB0 DBLN0 DBOND160.674 DEC132.668 DHEDGE2.713 DUCAT221.851(916.917) DUNK0.103(2.470) DVS0 EARN538 ENGAGE5.171 ENTRY22,044.982 EXP0.006 FOODIE0 FQX0.825 FT33.054(218.648) FUN1,690.114(8,014.103) GAMER0.195 GLGT7.325 GLX0.004 GOSH41.30 HBIT624.981(183.976) HH0.775 HKGENTHREE221 HUG761.025(2,157.988) HUSTLER0 HYPNO25.837 INDEX0.413 INK30.192(5,000) JAHM10.776(428.025) LASSECASH7.50 LEN0(1) LENM1.198(24.247) LEO0(4.503) LEOM13.557(34.177) LERN0.007 LGN20.729(23.100) LIST28.089 LISTNERDS0.60 LOH11.658(2,160.991) LOLZ0 LOTUS7,959.524 LPR1,728.061 LUV231.20 LVL214.245(4,804.632) MEME0 MOTA0.141 MUSIC179.729(129.854) NEOXAG0.207 NFTM715.931(1,096.645) ONEUP0.007 PAL0(2.807) PAY9,748.749(51,155.780) PEPE0.019 PEPECASH0 PESOS8.878(3,126.172) PGM0 PGMM0(257) PHOTO1.734(113.744) PIMP0.011 PISH0(478.73) PIZZA272.936(1,156.381) POB0.027 POSH10.001 QUEER2,812.138(2,065.049) SBT0.862(21.609) SCHOLAR6.05 SCRAP0(5.296) SCRIBE1 SECRET0.015 SEX1,577.07 SIM0.072(2.408) SLOTHBUZZ117.967(104.52) SME1.15 SOULS0 SPACO10,707.235(15,542.822) SPORTS11.188 SPS306.146(218.804) SPT0.045 SQM0.002 SSN4.778 STAR55,354 STARBITS0.502 STEM0 STEMM0 SWAP.BTC0 SWAP.DOGE0 SWAP.EOS0 SWAP.HBD0.331 SWAP.HIVE0.025 SWAP.STEEM0.010 SWAP.SWIFT183.167(1,043.190) THGAMING0.368 TIX2.780 UROCK0(6.342) UTOPIS0 VIBES4.110(949.895) VKBT10.78 VOUCHER0(2,485.334) VYB1.044(2.839) WAIV5.266(457.797) WEED0(55.10) WINEX9.21(16.62) WOO0(10.395) WORKERBEE


Beware of spam and phishing links in transfer memos. Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites. Transactions will not show until they are confirmed on the blockchain, which may take a few minutes.
2 hours agoReceived 0.47 ALIVE from hive-103505
2 hours agoCuration reward: 0.1278 ALIVE for iamraincrystal/alive-and-thriving-thankfulthursday--told-larry-i-dreamt-about-mom-oror-aatyr4-oror-larryisalive
5 hours agoCuration reward: 0.6396 ALIVE for aliveandthriving/alive-and-thriving-april-17-2024-awesome-posts-collection
5 hours agoCuration reward: 0.1277 ALIVE for jlufer/two-seconds-of-carelessness-in
14 hours agoCuration reward: 0.1302 ALIVE for lesmann/wednesday-walk-04-17-24
16 hours agoIssued 1.6141 ALIVE
17 hours agoCuration reward: 0.1286 ALIVE for alovely088/larry-is-alive-17-april
17 hours agoCuration reward: 0.1295 ALIVE for caelum1infernum/actifit-caelum1infernum-20240417t222214443z
20 hours agoCuration reward: 0.1555 ALIVE for ironshield/we-are-alive-april-17th-1425b42512f61
21 hours agoCuration reward: 0.1305 ALIVE for oasiskp2/actifit-oasiskp2-20240417t180237494z
23 hours agoReceived 0.3180 ALIVE from lolz.poolALIVE dividend for holding 2161.0 LOLZ
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.1305 ALIVE for harryhandsome/the-intelligent-woman
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.6506 ALIVE for aliveandthriving/alive-and-thriving-april-16-2024-awesome-posts-collection
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.1312 ALIVE for elizabethbit/actifit-elizabethbit-20240417t035308275z
2 days agoCuration reward: 0.1577 ALIVE for littlenewthings/visiting-the-korean-supermarket-again
2 days agoIssued 1.0866 ALIVE
2 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7140", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713898776000, "blockNumber": 37793510, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84792939-4", "_id": "662805288dd1821b81e7d58f" }
2 days agoCuration reward: 0.1319 ALIVE for alzee/actifit-alzee-20240416t174036547z
2 days agoCuration reward: 0.1321 ALIVE for elizabetabiz/becoming-a-more-positive-person
2 days agoCuration reward: 0.1327 ALIVE for cursephantom/touchgrass-walking-to-green-apple
2 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7140", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713862773000, "blockNumber": 37781522, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84780946-4", "_id": "6627787f8dd1821b81e1291c" }
2 days agoCuration reward: 0.6899 ALIVE for aliveandthriving/alive-and-thriving-april-15-2024-awesome-posts-collection
2 days agoIssued 0.6952 ALIVE
2 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7140", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713841173000, "blockNumber": 37774337, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84773758-4", "_id": "6627241c8dd1821b81dd31e6" }
3 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7140", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713837573000, "blockNumber": 37773138, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84772559-4", "_id": "6627160c8dd1821b81dc705a" }
3 days agoCuration reward: 0.1337 ALIVE for meraki7578/actifit-meraki7578-20240415t213049272z
3 days agoCuration reward: 0.1329 ALIVE for iamraincrystal/alive-and-thriving-monday--middle-of-the-hottest-month-oror-aatyr4-oror-larryisalive
3 days agoCuration reward: 0.1607 ALIVE for pinkhub/actifit-pinkhub-20240415t111004336z
3 days agoCuration reward: 0.1341 ALIVE for aleximprovement/actifit-aleximprovement-20240415t100343184z
3 days agoCuration reward: 0.1338 ALIVE for twicejoy/actifit-twicejoy-20240415t070719644z
3 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7140", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713765573000, "blockNumber": 37749177, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84748582-4", "_id": "6625fccc8dd1821b81ce83d0" }
3 days agoIssued 0.9683 ALIVE
3 days agoCuration reward: 0.6984 ALIVE for aliveandthriving/alive-and-thriving-april-14-2024-awesome-posts-collection
4 days agoCuration reward: 0.1349 ALIVE for darmst5339/spring-flowers-a-plenty
4 days agoCuration reward: 0.1350 ALIVE for davidxxl/actifit-davidxxl-20240414t215235947z
4 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7140", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713715173000, "blockNumber": 37732401, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84731798-4", "_id": "662537ec8dd1821b81c5b51c" }
4 days ago{ "operation": "tokens_undelegateStart", "from": "heartbeatonhive", "quantity": "99.838", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713696012000, "blockNumber": 37726022, "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "bd632fa261ee7e6ca071da31cd3a0aa1852c44fd", "_id": "6624ed138dd1821b81c1a911", "to": "hoosieboy" }
5 days agoReceived 1.125 ALIVE from hive-103505
5 days agoReceived 0.5705 ALIVE from bbhbotWeekly payout based on your BBH balance.
5 days ago{ "operation": "tokens_delegate", "from": "new.things", "quantity": "30.8824", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713599892000, "blockNumber": 37694037, "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "07ff29fa56e0e769113eba031a7dd93aa5eb08c9", "_id": "6623759b8dd1821b81afe507", "to": "heartbeatonhive" }
6 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713568599000, "blockNumber": 37683620, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84682998-4", "_id": "6622fb5f8dd1821b81aace99" }
7 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713478599000, "blockNumber": 37653659, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84653028-4", "_id": "66219bcf8dd1821b81993920" }
7 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713424599000, "blockNumber": 37635690, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84635050-4", "_id": "6620c8df8dd1821b818efa73" }
7 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713424599000, "blockNumber": 37635690, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84635050-4", "_id": "6620c8df8dd1821b818efa74" }
7 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713420999000, "blockNumber": 37634490, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84633850-4", "_id": "6620bace8dd1821b818e543c" }
8 days agoReceived 0.3069 ALIVE from lolz.poolALIVE dividend for holding 2161.0 LOLZ
8 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713366999000, "blockNumber": 37616526, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84615876-4", "_id": "661fe7dd8dd1821b81825c2e" }
8 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713341799000, "blockNumber": 37608136, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84607485-4", "_id": "661f856f8dd1821b817d4fec" }
9 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713287799000, "blockNumber": 37590158, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84589504-4", "_id": "661eb27e8dd1821b8172e9e8" }
9 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713262599000, "blockNumber": 37581774, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84581117-4", "_id": "661e500e8dd1821b816de383" }
9 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713244599000, "blockNumber": 37575781, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84575122-4", "_id": "661e09bf8dd1821b816b7a88" }
10 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713201399000, "blockNumber": 37561400, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84560736-4", "_id": "661d60ff8dd1821b8161e790" }
10 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713165399000, "blockNumber": 37549413, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84548746-4", "_id": "661cd45e8dd1821b815b2fa2" }
11 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713129399000, "blockNumber": 37537434, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84536763-4", "_id": "661c47c08dd1821b8153c75f" }
11 days agoReceived 0.45 ALIVE from hive-103505
11 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713068199000, "blockNumber": 37517056, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84516385-4", "_id": "661b58ae8dd1821b81447bac" }
12 days ago{ "operation": "tokens_delegate", "from": "new.things", "quantity": "103.1122", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713049809000, "blockNumber": 37510934, "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "ea2c1ca7db86643d2141a202c5a854ba1e2eb740", "_id": "661b10d98dd1821b81405b18", "to": "heartbeatonhive" }
12 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713014199000, "blockNumber": 37499080, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84498409-4", "_id": "661a85be8dd1821b8137e0e7" }
12 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713010599000, "blockNumber": 37497881, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84497210-4", "_id": "661a77ae8dd1821b813716f7" }
12 days agoReceived 0.5811 ALIVE from bbhbotWeekly payout based on your BBH balance.
12 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1713003399000, "blockNumber": 37495484, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84494812-4", "_id": "661a5b8e8dd1821b8135c0c0" }
13 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1712898999000, "blockNumber": 37460724, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84460048-4", "_id": "6618c3be8dd1821b81201edd" }
14 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1712888199000, "blockNumber": 37457128, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84456452-4", "_id": "6618998f8dd1821b811da635" }
14 days ago{ "operation": "mining_lottery", "quantity": "0.7516", "account": "heartbeatonhive", "timestamp": 1712859399000, "blockNumber": 37447541, "poolId": "ALIVE:ALIVEM", "symbol": "ALIVE", "transactionId": "84446865-4", "_id": "661829148dd1821b81175849" }