My Actifit Report Card: June 11 2024

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Hey Actifitters,

Yesterday was another nice day weather wise. The sun was out, but it was kind of cool, at least for the season. According to the forecast, the last cool day before heat comes back. Even this deer seemed to enjoy it very much, it was just chilling in our backyard.

Le Chat too. It had been a while but she went back to one of her favorite sleeping spot: the dog bed on the deck. From there, she could also keep a close eye on the deer. By the way, Kaia was obviously inside, otherwise things wouldn't have stayed so chill...

As often, I wasted a bit too much time during the day, and our long walk with Kaia started later than I hoped. But it was still bright when we went behind the front yard.

As I mentioned many times, we often start there so Le Chat can join in the fun.

But when she arrived, Kaia was already somewhere deep in the small forest, doing her thing, whatever that is.

When she realized Le Chat was there, she came back of course 'Big sis' is there!'

Seeing them together like that is always really fun. Le Chat and Genepi were also friend, but it just seems next level with Kaia.

Long time ago, I remember joking about trying to put a leash on Le Chat and bring her with us to the bigger forest. Maybe I should think about that again, although I'm worried it might be dangerous for my hands. Le Chat is small but mighty! Anyways, for this time again, we left her there and headed to the forest.

Even before we arrived in the forest, it was pretty clear something was bothering Kaia. The behavior is very obvious when that happens. But that became even more obvious when she started to stop very often and just sit or even lie down. I know she wasn't already tired enough for all these breaks, so I am afraid her infections are back. I hope I don't need to get her some antibiotics and it will just clear up soon.

Because of that, we didn't stay too long in the forest but followed its edge for a couple Cubiverse vaults.

Kaia seemed a little better, so we did go back inside the forest for a short loop. Not as long as usual though. She seemed much more alert and ready to chase critters. That's a good sign.

Just like the forest, on our way back home, we also kept our detours in the neighborhood shorter than usual.

Since our walk was a bit shorter, we still had a little daylight left. So I thought about dropping Kaia home and go for a short run. But in the end, I felt it would get dark before I could get a real run in. So I decided to postpone to another day, and naively thought it may be a good opportunity to go to bed earlier than usual. How wrong was I! This was another very late night and very short sleep. Oh well...
As always, thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow.
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Yay Kaia & LeChat moments! Love it! These two are just adorable. Hope all is well with Kaia. Do take it easy and have more fun walks. It's almost the weekend again... :D

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I think Kaia will be fine, but the heat doesn't help. I know it's nothing compared to what you get, but it's still way too hot for us!
Happy Thursday, !ALIVE